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Whipped Cream in the Blendtec Twister Jar (★★★★★)

We had friends over today for breakfast who stayed for lunch.  I told them to bring over whatever they wanted to blend up in the blender, and that breakfast would be green smoothies and waffles.   I was looking forward to mixing things in both the my new Blendtec Designer Series and my tried and true Vitamix Professional Series 300.  (The Pro 300 is basically the same as a 7500, a good explanation of the different models is here.)

The first thing I made was whipped cream.  I mentioned in this post that I thought the Twister Jar could be a great small batches, and the Fresh Blends book actually had a great recipe for whipped cream, so I thought I’d try both out.  The Fresh Blends instructions say to blend, then use a spatula to scrape the whip cream off the sides of the jar, and then blend again, but since the Twister Jar includes a lid that is specifically made to scrape the sides of the jar as you blend, I used that lid with great results.

Whipped Cream in the Blendtec Twister Jar (★★★★★)
Not necessarily something you need a high powered blender for, but if you already have a Twister Jar and Blendtec Designer Series, this is an easy way to make whipped cream.

1 cup of whipping cream
1 tablespoon of powdered sugar

The recipe calls for vanilla extract as well, but I prefer to put vanilla extract in my waffle batter, so I stuck to just the two ingredients above, adding slightly less than a full tablespoon.

Use the Twister Jar with the Twister Lid (not the Twister Gripper Lid) and set the manual slider to power level 1, the slowest setting.  The Blendtec Designer Series automatically stops after 50 seconds, which is a great time to make sure that the lid is being used to get any cream off the sides of the jar.  Blend again for another 50 seconds, and the whipped cream should be whipped to a great texture.  Use the spectacula or a spatula to remove.

This is the first bona fide success I have had with the Blendtec that I have been unable to replicate with the Vitamix.  The smaller jar, thicker blade and scraping arms of the Twister Jar all seem to make a positive difference in making great whipped cream.