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The Best Tasting Banana Milk (★★★★★)

I have a lot of posts about Banana Milk.  15 entries that precede this one mention Banana Milk, but none that specifically list it as a recipe the way I’d recommend it to someone today, so here that is:

The Best Tasting Banana Milk (★★★★★)
The best tasting Banana Milk I know how to make

1 frozen banana

Add a mix of approximately half milk and half soy milk, along with the banana, to the blender jar, adding enough milk/soymilk to blend the banana into a creamy, milkshake like consistency.  It’s very important to use the tamper when making this to avoid having any banana chunks remaining.  I find I get the best results when I blend it on high for about 20-30 seconds using the tamper while blending, then check the consistency, adding more milk if needed, and then blending for another 20-30 seconds before serving.

You can adjust the milk/soymilk ratio as you like, I tend to like a little more milk than soymilk in the mix, but I definitely prefer the mix of milk and soy milk to either just milk or just soy milk.

As someone who owned the Vitamix 5200 and now owns and uses the Vitamix 7500/Pro 300, there is small difference in making Banana Milk with the two.  (I made a post with a video of me making Banana Milk in both.)  With the wider 7500/Pro 300 blender, I find it’s easier to make Banana Milk when you’re making two bananas worth, but you can absolutely do it with just one.  Unlike with the 5200, there’s no real benefit from breaking the banana into two pieces before putting it in the blender jar.