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Fresh Oranges Applesauce (★☆☆☆☆)

We had friends over yesterday for breakfast, and they stayed for lunch. I told them to bring over whatever they wanted to blend up in the blender, and that breakfast would be green smoothies and waffles. I was looking forward to mixing things in both the my new Blendtec Designer Series and my tried and true Vitamix Professional Series 300. (The Pro 300 is basically the same as a 7500, a good explanation of the different models is here.)

One of the things that they brought was a four pound bag of Florida oranges that was being sold at the local supermarket as “Juicing Oranges”.  They’d picked up the oranges, thinking they might be good for mixing in the blender, but we didn’t blend them while they were over, and they ended up leaving them with us.  I figured, why not try to blend them?

Whole Juice is one of the six pre-programmed cycles on the Blendtec Designer Series, so I figured I’d use the Blendtec to make this.

Fresh Oranges Applesauce (★☆☆☆☆)
Not something I’d recommend as a good use of oranges, putting a bunch of oranges in any blender and expecting good orange juice is a bad idea.

4 lbs of oranges

Peel the oranges and remove as much of the pith as possible, as well as the seeds.   Put all the fruit in the blender and use the Whole Juice cycle (50 seconds) to blend everything.

I don’t know what I was expecting…  Maybe really, really pulpy orange juice?  Maybe really thick juice that would separate after a few hours in the fridge?  No, what I got can be reasonably accurately described as applesauce, made with oranges instead of apples.  Our first impression was that it wasn’t bad.  We assumed the juice would settle, but even several hours in the fridge caused no change in texture.  I put the mixture in a strainer as a last ditch attempt to save it, but ended up throwing almost all of it away.

Blending four pounds of peeled oranges in the Blendtec Designer Series

Blending four pounds of peeled oranges in the Blendtec Designer Series

Attempting to strain Fresh Orange Applesauce

Attempting to strain Fresh Orange Applesauce

So if anyone else was wondering why there aren’t recipes online for making orange juice in a Vitamix or Blendtec, now you know why!

My posts get me money? Sounds good to me. Also, Dandelion Dirt Drinks (★☆☆☆☆)

So, I’m now enrolled in my new job’s health insurance, and they have a healthy rewards program where you can get money from them for filling out a diary of things you eat (that are healthy) and exercise you do.  It seems like a perfect way to find those extra minutes in a day to post about what I’ve been mixing.

Among other things, I continue to make a lot of green smoothies in my blender, and while there are some good mixes and bad mixes with the rainbow chard I bought, I do not think I’m much of a fan of dandelion greens.

I made a variety of green smoothies with the dandelion, but most of them are along the lines of:

Dandelion Dirt Drink (★☆☆☆☆)
Gritty and bitter, but hey, it’s good for you.

Lots of dandelion greens
Some cilantro
one fresh apple from the local orchard
one banana
some water, to water it down
and a dozen ice cubes, to water it down.

So yeah, blend it all up on high, and drink it.  It’s not going to kill you, but I’ve had green smoothies I would definitely look forward to again.  In fact, I felt like the taste was probably growing on me for health reasons, and that they probably hadn’t gotten as good as I thought that had.  Then dandelion based drinks made me reconsider that some of my other drinks probably really were decent, as the dandelions based drinks just…weren’t.  They’d range from 0 to 2 stars.

In addition to three large glasses of the above, I also had three more apples, half a raw onion, a banana, some cabbage, cilantro, asian pear and a pickle to go with the lettuce, onions and salsa in our taco rice tonight.  Hopefully that’s good enough for some healthy rewards. ;-P

Decimated potatoes and green smoothies

Finished up the rest of yesterday’s hummus at dinner and had another two green smoothies (the first basically a variant of this morning) today.  In addition to the final green smoothie of the day, the other blender based food that graced our table tonight was mashed potatoes.  Except they weren’t mashed…  They were decimated.

Spicy Mustard Green Smoothie (★★☆☆☆)
Definitely not for most people, but totally drinkable

A few bunches of mustard greens
1 banana
1 fresh Jonamac apple, quartered with seeds and stem removed
some fresh apple juice
lots of ice cubes

Blend everything but the ice cubes, and then add ice cubes until it has a thick, icy consistency.

Decimated Potatoes (★☆☆☆☆)
Most of the way to potato soup, but caught in the dead man’s zone between soup and mashed potatoes

3-4 boiled potatoes
1 tablespoon of italian cheese & herb cooking creme cheese
A splash of milk
1 tablespoon of butter

Quickly dial from 1 to 10, then shift into high and blend for 45 seconds or so.
Not only were the decimated potatoes way too liquified, it actually caused a bit of an odor from my Vitamix 5200.  My guess is that the mashed potatoes were taxing the limits of the blender.  It’s worth noting that it didn’t automatically shut off, and worked fine when I went to clean up later, so I’m guessing no permanent damage was done, but I still won’t be making them again any time soon.

The spicy mustard flavor of the green smoothie is almost certainly not for everyone, but as someone who ate a lot of spicy mustard in Japan, I’m actually kind of bizarrely enjoying it when it’s cold and watered down.  It’s a strange hot and cold at the same time that makes it passable.  That said, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.