Frozen Margaritas – easy mode (★★★★★)

Look, I know, this recipe is embarrassing.  I’ve been making frozen lime and mango margaritas for years.  I’d love to pretend that mine are sooo much better because I make them with fresh ingredients and love, but that’s just not true.

I made these because I wanted to have an easy way to have frozen drinks on minimal notice this summer.  And they disappeared.  I ran out of mix and had to get more.  Then I made them for a friend with a Vitamix, and she didn’t believe the recipe was as simple as I confessed when asked.  Then I made them again, and was told by yet a third group of people that they were the best frozen margaritas they’d ever had, and I had to scratch my head, because the recipe is as simple as this:  Ice, mix, tequila.

I’d love to say that the secret is the organic blanco tequila, or that I picked the Master of Mixes margarita mix after trying every option available, or even that I’m super careful about the mix of the three ingredients.  Nope.  This one really is one of those recipes that just works because the Vitamix turns ice cubes, mix and liquor into magical frozen beverages better than anything else can:

Frozen Margaritas – easy mode (★★★★★)
I love any halfway decent frozen margarita, but this has been too popular with too many people not to share

Master of Mixes Margarita Mixer
Tequila (I use 3 Amigos Organic Blanco)

Just eyeball it.  Really.  I throw in the ice cubes for the quantity I want, add the tequila I want, then add mixer until almost at ice level.  I keep the tequila in the freezer to reduce the amount of ice I need to use. Mix on high and enjoy.

Garnish with a lime wedge and/or salted rim if you like.  You can see how much effort I put into these, I threw the ingredients together and then threw it into some IKEA kids cups.  It was still a huge hit.

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