Crazy good Black Friday, Cyber Monday Vitamix and Blendtec sales on now!

Vitamix and Blendtec were both running good sales leading up to Thanksgiving, and in years past, those have been the best deal on a blender that you’ve been able to find.  It looks like this year they are both kicking their sales up a notch and putting out some once-a-year level Black Friday specials.

Prior to today, Vitamix was already running the best pricing I have ever seen on their Classic model, matching their Mother’s Day pricing of only $299 for their
Standard Reconditioned unit, which comes with a 5-year warranty.  As of right now, the Standard Reconditioned unit is only $285 at  That is the best price I have ever seen for that model, and is both the first Vitamix I ever bought, and the model Vitamix is best known for.  I do not know if that pricing will be good through Cyber Monday, or if that is just a Black Friday special, or if it is only available for a limited quantity, but it is available as of writing this post.

This deal is only available from Vitamix directly, and you can get free shipping by visiting Vitamix through this link.

Blendtec’s sale similarly gives free shipping as well as an additional $50 off all the sales the were already running on their refurbished blenders.  In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, they were on sale for  $229.95, with free shipping and without tax in most states.  That price has dropped another $20, making it available for $209.95.  I believe that deal is good through Cyber Monday, provided they do not run out of stock.  The Blendtec does offer a full seven year warranty, instead of the still impressive five year warranty of the Vitamix.  (Which I have used on two separate occassions.)

The best deals on the Blendtec blenders are available at this link.  The best pricing on the Vitamix Standard and Next Generation models, as of this blog post, are:

5200 Standard – Getting Started (New, rubber handle and Whole Foods cookbook, comes with a 7-year warranty)
Turboblend VS (New, plastic handle, filtration bag, vegan and vegetarian cookbook, comes with a 7-year warranty)
Standard refurbished (Reconditioned, comes with a 5-year warranty)

Next Generation:
7500 (New, comes with a 7-year warranty)
Next Generation refurbished (Reconditioned, comes with a 5-year warranty)

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