Blendtec Update

It’s been over nine months since I got my Blendtec Designer Series and Twister Jar, and I thought it’d be a good time to give an update.  I have been using the Vitamix for most things, but I feel that the Blendtec can make peanut butter and dry items, such as cinnamon sticks blended into cinnamon powder, more efficiently than the Vitamix.  I know the Vitamix also has a 32oz Dry Grains Container option, but I don’t have one, so I’m comparing the Blendtec I have against the Vitamix I have.  The Twister Jar also continues to be helpful for dips and very small mixes.  At this point, I wouldn’t really want to give up either blender, as it’s nice having different tools available depending on what, and how much of something, I want to mix.

One very interesting thing that started this month is a very aggressive sale over at Blendtec that goes until December 1st, or until they run out of supply, whichever comes first.  I’ve already written about Vitamix’s promotional pricing, which is good through Thanksgiving.  Vitamix has crossed the $300 line and gives free shipping at  $299 for a Vitamix is phenomenal, especially when you consider that I thought I got a great deal when I paid almost $100 more than that for my refurbished 5200 model back in 2011.

Blendtec’s sale takes things a step further and gives free shipping as well as an additional $30 off all the sales the were already running on their refurbished blenders.  That’s not a huge percentage off their Designer Series, but considering their Total Blender with the standard jar was already only $259.95, that makes it only $229.95, with free shipping and without tax in most states!  Another big plus of the Blendtec is that it does offer a full seven year warranty, instead of the still impressive five year warranty of the Vitamix.  (Which I may have used once or twice.)

So which would I buy?  The Blendtec Total Blender Certified Refurbished or the Vitamix Reconditioned Standard?  I’ve written before about how to pick the right Vitamix given all the available options, and I’d likely buy my 7500 again if both my blenders disappeared, but for someone who’s not interested shelling out that much money on a blender, I’d say find the budget you’re comfortable with, and get the best blender in that budget that you can.  Both of these deals will help that money go a little further than normal.

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