Fruity Coladas (★★★★☆)

A friend was over this weekend and we made some frozen alcoholic beverages.  A random batch was so good that he asked if it was made from a recipe.  It wasn’t, but it was good enough that I figured I would share the recipe here:

Fruity Coladas (★★★★☆)
There was no clear favorite between this and the frozen lime margarita, but even if you aren’t a huge mango fan, this is a great variation on a traditional frozen margarita

1 pound bag of frozen mango
3/4 pound of frozen strawberries
15 oz. can of cream of coconut
one medium/large limes
2/3 cup white rum
water and ice

I mixed everything but the lime, but the drink lacked the tartness that good margaritas and pina coladas have, so I added a lime to help add that citrus tartness.  For the lime, remove the skin with a knife, keeping as much of the fruit intact as possible.  Throw the fruit in the blender and squeeze any remaining juice left on the lime skin slices.  The exact blend of ice and water is up to personal preference, as is the amount of alcohol to add.


Now, it’s not the most amazing frozen drink I’ve had in recent history.  That would either be the frozen lime or mango margaritas that we made not too long ago.  But for a drink that was created based on what we had in the freezer and pantry to work with, I think it turned out pretty great.  Then again, it’s kind of tough to make a bad frozen fruit drink in a Vitamix.

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