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New Reconditioned Vitamix 5200 Photo

5200 Refurbished Vitamix PhotoI received this photo from a woman who read about the Reconditioned Vitamix Standard (An explanation of what “Standard” means is here) on this blog and purchased one. She’s thrilled with it, and I’m thrilled to see that the refurbished models now come with the new container with a nice rubberized handle. I bought my refurbished 5200 back in 2011, back when it came with the small plastic handle that connected to both the top and bottom of the 64oz. container.  The new container is a nice upgrade.

Ridiculously Good Pina Coladas, 2014 Version (★★★★★)

It’s summer, I’ve been mountain biking a lot, and Piña Coladas taste amazing year round, but are especially delicious in the summer, after some physical activity.

I still like my original recipe, but after making more than a dozen of these, I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit.  This new version is slightly less healthy, but the trade off is that it tastes slightly more decadent:

Ridiculously Good Pina Coladas, 2014 Version (★★★★★)
This is a dangerously good piña colada.  Consider yourself warned.

I cut out the stevia and ice from my 2012 recipe, and I replaced them with frozen pinapple juice.

1 can (20 oz.) of crushed pineapple in unsweetened pineapple juice

½ can of coconut milk or coconut creme (Half a Goya 13.5 oz. Coconut Milk can is what I usually use)

frozen pinapple ice cubes (one normal sized ice cube tray worth)

Rum (optional)

Blend on high.

Using richer, fattier coconut cream makes it richer than coconut milk, but both work and a fatty coconut milk is the sweet spot, in my opinion.  Since the canned pineapple comes in 100% pineapple juice, I’ve been putting that in the ice cube tray for the next batch.  That’s about half as much as you need.  I top off the the tray with pineapple juice, and use one fairly large tray per batch.