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How to make sense of all the Vitamix container options

There are a lot of Vitamix containers available.  So many that I was a little confused around which containers can be used with which blenders.  I called and spoke with Brenda, the woman I purchased both my first blender from back in 2011 and my 7500 from back in 2012, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that she had answers to all of my questions.  I thought that information could be helpful for others, so I’ll share it here.

The good news is that most Vitamix containers can be used by both Next Generation blenders and classic blenders.    If you are looking at a container for one of those blenders, here are your options:

Classic Blenders

Next Generation Blenders

32-ounce Dry Grains Container

32-ounce Container

48-ounce Container

64-ounce Container

64-ounce Low Profile Container


(Confused about which blender is which, or which would be good for you?  Read my guide on finding the right Vitamix model for you.)

The main take away is that the 32oz Dry Grains container, 32oz container and 48oz container will all work as designed on both the Classic and Next Generation Blenders.  The 64-ounce Container is the narrow 64-ounce container that comes with the Classic models.  The 64-ounce container page states it is compatible with the Classic and Next Generation Blenders, but speaking with Vitamix today, it was clear that the 64-ounce container was designed for the Classic Blender series.

Vitamix recommends that if someone is looking for a more narrow container to regularly use with a Next Generation blender base, the 48-ounce and 32-ounce containers are the most appropriate choices.

If someone is looking for a 64-ounce container for large mixes, they should use the 64-ounce Low-Profile Container if they have a Next Generation model.

If you look at Vitamix’s blender containers page, you will see there is no listing for the wide, 64-ounce Low Profile Container. (edit: there is now! See the link above)  There are a multiple reasons for this.  The Classic models are not designed to be used with the new container, which has longer blades than the containers mentioned above.  Vitamix stated that the low profile container does not work with the Classic models.  Vitamix confirmed that because of the container recall, anyone who has a Next Generation blender and 64-ounce Low Profile Container should still be under the 1-year warranty for the container.  That said, there are people with a Next Generation blender who want a second blender container.

As for the new S-Series Blender, the S30, that uses a totally different design, and cannot use any of the blender containers above.  It ships with a single blade assembly and a 20-ounce travel cup container and 40-ounce container that both screw into the same blade assembly.  You can purchase additional travel cup containers , but that is just the container, not the blade assembly.  As with the Next Generation blender containers, anyone who owns a S30 should be covered under warranty, though people who want a second blade assembly or 40-ounce container should contact Vitamix directly by phone at this time for those products.

I hope that is helpful.  If there is anything that is unclear, or more information that would help, please feel free to contact me or let me know in the comments!


Blender Usage Update (Vitamix Vs. Blendtec)

Over four months have passed since I got my newest blender, a Blendtec Designer Series in January.  I got my Professional Series 300 a year before that in January 2013, although I had two Vitamix blenders before that.  I still tend to use the Vitamix the most, but I’ve got over 120 mixes clocked in on the Blendtec, and I figure it deserves an update on what I’ve found it well suited for, and what I use the Vitamix for.

The Blendtec has proven very useful for Matcha Milk Frozen Drink and frozen sports drinks.  Because the blender won’t mix properly without the right balance of ice and water, it’s easy to know if I need to add more milk to the matcha mix or water to the ice and powered sports drink.  It’s also easy to hit the button to start the blender mixing, and then put away the milk or Super VAAM sports drink powder or whatever other ingredients I have while it’s mixing.  The blender has a tendency to start dancing off to the left while mixing at high speeds on my counter tops, but there’s a hot water pot that keeps it from jumping off the counter.

The smaller Blendtec Twister Jar is also great for sauces, whipped cream, and very small mixes.  It sounds like it might also be significantly better suited for making peanut butter than the larger container, but I need to eat our existing peanut butter before I make more.  Sadly, neither Blendtec jar, nor any Vitamix I’ve had has done a great job as a coffee grinder, so while these blenders can do a lot more than a traditional blender, they’re no replacement for a coffee bean grinder.

As for soups, green smoothies, sorbets and similar thick mixes, I find it extremely satisfying to mash away with the tamper while blending.  The Vitamix is also great for the right texture on frozen smoothies and banana milks, and with its very sharp blades, I would trust it for Kinako Powder and almond powder.

I’m sure I’ll get more comfort with the Blendtec as time goes on, but I wanted to share my experiences and how I’m using both for anyone who might be interested.  If you have a specific question, please feel free to fire away in the comments.c

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Standard on sale for Mother’s Day weekend

A quick visit to the Vitamix website shows that they have the Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Standard (comes with a 5-year warranty) on sale for $299 over at  It’s normally $329, so that’s an extra $30 off the normal discounted price, and definitely a good deal!  You can also get free shipping with the links above.