The lengths of six pre-programmed blend cycles on the Blendtec DesignerSeries

I went looking for what I assumed would be readily available information, and I wasn’t able to find it.  I wanted to know what the length of the Milkshake cycle on the Blendtec Designer Series blender is, and since I couldn’t find that information, I thought I’d share it so the next person can.

For those of you not familiar with the Designer Series, in addition to the power button and variable slider that allows you to choose between eight speeds, there are also eight icons on the Designer Series touch screen.  Those icons are described in the Designer Series user guide as follows:

The eight icons that appear on the blender in addition to the power button and variable slider

The eight icons that appear on the blender in addition to the power button and variable slider

Here are the actual run times for each of the six presets:

Batters / Sauces / Dips / Dressings 23 seconds
Ice Crush / Milkshake 35 seconds
Smoothie 40 seconds
Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt 45 seconds
Whole Juice 50 seconds
Soups / Syrups / Fondues 90 seconds

If you’re interested in photos that show what the touch screen looks like, check out my Physical Comparison: Vitamix Professional Series 300 vs. Blendtec Designer Series post, which has multiple photos of the Blendtec Designer Series along side the
Vitamix Professional Series 300/7500.

    • Jon
    • February 7th, 2014

    I recently purchased a Blendtec Designer Series blender. I’ve been quite happy w/ it thus far. While I’ve used it quite a bit, my blending thus far is not nearly as diverse as what you do.

    Regarding the pre-programmed blend cycles… If you look on pg. 12 of your Owner’s Manual and User Guide, you’ll find a bit more detailed breakdown of the various cycles.

    Thanks for the work you do on your site.


    • Jon,

      Thank you very much for the nice message! Glad to hear you are enjoying your Blendtec. I know I tend to throw a lot of different things at my blenders, but if there’s a specific recipe/use your Blendtec has really impressed you with, I’d be happy to hear it. I still have a lot to learn about how to get the most out of my Designer Series!

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