Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Series Update

I got an e-mail in my inbox with a link to information about Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Series, and it had some information I wasn’t familiar with, and I thought it’d be great information to share.

There are a lot more reconditioned options than I’d previously been aware of.  Here are the five options that currently exist, ordered from most-to-least expensive:

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs

This option applies specifically to the Professional Series 750.  It is essentially the new 7500/Professional Series 300/Creations Elite with the addition of preset program options.

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Blenders

This option refers to the Vitamix 7500, Professional Series 300 and Creations Elite models, which are essentially the same blender body in different colors with a different faceplate and name.  I purchased a 7500 when it first came out and I currently use a Pro 300.  In my post, What is the difference between a Vitamix 7500 and a Vitamix Professional Series 300?, there are photos of the two blenders side-by-side and the DVD and cookbooks they came with.  As I describe in this post, the refurbished next generation option is what I would lean towards if I were purchasing a Vitamix today.

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Standard Program Blenders

This option applies is either the 6300 or Professional Series 500.  Similar to the Professional Series 750, the body is the 5200/Creations II/Professional Series blender body with the addition of preset program options.

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Standard

This is what I bought way back before I started this blog.  It was my first Vitamix, and it cost more back then than it does today.  There are a large number of blender models this can refer to:  5200, CIA Professional Series, Creations II, Creations GC, Professional Series 200, Total Nutrition Center, or TurboBlend VS.  Mine was a Creations II, which continues to make smoothies, hummus and more on a regular basis at my parents house.

Certified Reconditioned Two Speed

This is the blender I know the least about.  The reconditioned two speeds can refer to either the TurboBlend Two Speed, or the CIA Creations.

The blender bodies themselves are equally functional to the other models in their classification.  The big difference, as seen in this post, is the extras, but each of the models listed above is very clear about the extras (cookbook, etc.) that they include, so you know exactly what you’re getting with the exception of the name on the face plate.

In my post explaining why I think Vitamixes are worth the price, I list several reasons.  All of those reasons apply to the refurbished models as well, which all come with a 5-year warranty.  Both new and refurbished models can be ordered directly from Vitamix with the free shipping, and the free shipping combined with the saving on the refurbished models make ordering a refurb directly from the most reasonable way to pick up a Vitamix blender that I have found.

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