$30 Off on the Vitamix 5200 Super Package at Costco.com

Costco is currently running a $30 off promotion on their Vitamix 5200 Super Package, which is a good deal for the right person:


Personally, having owned and used the Vitamix 5200 and 7500 extensively, I prefer the 7500.  Whether you think the 7500 is worth the additional expense or not is up to personal preference.  I wrote a post about that topic that goes into more detail, but my personal opinion is that it is.

That said, if someone were more interested in the 5200 model, and they wanted the dry grains container, this could be a great deal.  Currently, Vitamix sells the very similar Vitamix 5200 Super – Healthy Lifestyle, the bundle they offered $50 of on Black Friday 2012, and I thought that was a good deal for someone who wanted the 5200 and dry grains container.

The value question to me would come down to three things:

First, do I want the 7500 or the 5200?  Again, having owned both, I do prefer the 7500.

Second, do I want the dry grains container?  Maybe I’m totally missing out, but I don’t blend enough dry grains to justify a dry blade container, but I absolutely recognize there are people who would use it regularly.

Third, do I want the new model, or am I happy to go with the 5-year warranty instead of a 7-year warranty and buy the refurbished 5200 or refurbished 7500 instead.  I’ve written about why I think a Vitamix is absolutely worth the price, and my fantastic experiences with Vitamix’s customer service team is both the biggest section of that post, and one of the most compelling reasons to buy a Vitamix, but even five years is an extremely long warranty, and as someone who watches his pennies, I tend to lean towards the refurbished models as the most bang for one’s buck.  (If you are ordering from Vitamix directly, they do include free shipping.)

Obviously this bundle isn’t a great match for me, but if you’d choose 5200, dry grains container and new as your answers to the three questions above, Costco’s got a great deal through the 18th of August!

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