Fresh Peaches Sorbet (★★★★★)

We visited a local farmers market in Troy and picked up 4 quarts of delicious utility peaches (essentially a box full of peaches with split pits) for $10.  My old 5200’s Whole Food Recipes Vitamix cookbook had a Peach Sorbet recipe, but it called for ¾ cup of sugar and only 3 peaches, which is roughly 600 calories of sugar, and seemed like a crazy ratio of peaches to sugar.  It also called for 4 cups of ice, which seemed excessive.

We’d also bought some local raw honey, and I figured the peaches were sweet enough that I wouldn’t need to use much to sweeten the peaches, so I cut up a lot of peaches, roughly a dozen, and froze half of it.  I threw this recipe together on a lark, assuming I could add more honey and ice after blending the peaches, but it went over so well with all six people I served it to that it didn’t need tweaking and I thought it’d be worth sharing.

Fresh Peaches Sorbet (★★★★★)
Fantastic frozen dessert when peaches are in season so you can pick up naturally very sweet peaches at a reasonable price.  Well suited for utility peaches.  Serves approximately 4-8 people, depending on serving size.

12 peaches (cut and pits removed)
Raw honey (approximately 3-4 tablespoons)

Freeze half the peaches in advance.  Then put the peaches and two cups of ice in the blender.  Blend on medium to high, using the tamper and adjusting the blender intensity to ensure everything is well mixed.  Add approximately three tablespoons of honey and taste.  Sorbet can be sweetened with additional honey or diluted with additional ice.  Serve immediately.

That’s it, the only magic is that ripe, local, seasonal fruit is so good it doesn’t need much help.  The reactions I got were so good that I can’t give this anything less than five stars, but I know it wouldn’t be the same with lower quality peaches.

(Update: Both pineapple and grapes can be used instead of honey)

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