New Refurbished blender option available at

I don’t know exactly how new this is, but I hadn’t noticed it before today.

Someone asked about the difference between a Creations Elite and the Vitamix 7500 on this post, and to answer them, I went over to to find the page that says:   “Certified Reconditioned Next Generation blenders may reflect one of the following labels: 7500, Professional Series 300, or Creations Elite.”

While I was there, I noticed an option I hadn’t seen before:

Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs

Basically, like the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation blender, which can be one of the three, basically identical, models mentioned above, the “Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs blenders may reflect one of the following labels: 6300 or Professional Series 500.” (That’s a direct quote from that link)

Now, at $329 for the older 5200/Creations II model, $379 for the programmable versions and $399 for the 7500/Pro 300/Creations Elite, if someone were to ask me what my recommendation would be, I’d have a very easy answer.

$399 is the best price for the 7500 I’ve seen anywhere, and I absolutely love mine.

My mom loves my old Creations II/5200 that I gave her, and if I didn’t have either, and couldn’t swing the $399 but I could swing the $329, I would definitely be satisfied with the older 5200.  For me, I just don’t want the programmable functionality enough to be interested in the 6300 or 500.  I’m sure there’s a group they’re appealing to, after all, the Blendtecs tend to be all about programmed buttons, but I honestly just prefer the analog control and the appeal of being hands on with my blender when I’m using it.

Anyway, all of the above prices are refurbished models over at the Vitamix website, but with the 5-year warranty and the ridiculous service (those are two separate links) Vitamix has, it’s what this penny pincher finds the most compelling bargain on a Vitamix.  (I can say as many nice things about Vitamix as I can unkind things about United, their 5-year warranty is amazing.)  I do recommend, based on their excellent service, purchasing directly from

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