How to get a Vita-Mix 7500 (for a great price!)

Admittedly that title is a play on my 2011 post:  How to get a Vita-Mix 5200 (for a great price!)

I’ve been asked, and written posts about, whether I’d recommend the refurbished 5200 Vitamix for $329 or the newer 7500 for $529.  The short answer to that question is that I did purchase a 7500, despite owning a 5200 (which I gave to my parents), but I recognized that not everyone could afford the extra cost of the 7500.

The extra cost of a 7500/Professional 300 model blender has now shrunk considerably.  The refurbished 5200 is still at, but a refurbished 7500/Pro 300/Creations Elite is also available for $399!  I’ve written entire posts about why I love Vitamix, but the short answer is:  Customer Service.  Because of what a good job they do, and the fact that a 5-year warranty that comes with the “Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Blenders”, I would have zero hesitation in recommending that as the Vitamix to buy if you’re in the market for a Vitamix and you can swing the extra $70 over the refurbished 5200.

To paraphrase/plagiarize my own 2011 post:  If anyone is interested in getting a Vita-Mix 7500 for the best possible price, assuming that Vitamix is still offering it, I highly recommend the refurbished 7500.  Also, just based on my experiences dealing with Vitamix directly, I do recommend purchasing directly from

This time around, I didn’t wait long enough to pick up the refurbished option, but if I didn’t have a Vitamix already, the refurbished deal is what I’d be getting.

    • Devin
    • April 1st, 2013

    Hey there, I recently bought a refurbished 7500 after really enjoying a 5200, and your blender blog is fun to read, just so you know.

    Curious, did you notice that your switches on your 300/7500 have a bit of wiggle room when they’re in neutral positions? I guess what I mean is that my 5200’s on/off and high/low switches are rock solid and dont have any looseness left to right at all, and I’m wondering if any other 7500 owners have that going on or if I’m just being picky. Ive got both blenders sitting next to each other right now and I can definitely feel a difference. Keep in mind its very little movement but enough for me to notice, and it doesnt seem to affect performance at all.

    Aside from that though, its an awesome blender, and thanks again for your reviews!

    • Thanks for the kind words about my blog!

      You’re not being picky. I think the different feel is intentional, as it works well for the pulse switch, where the older 5200 style switch wouldn’t. But yeah, the switch is definitely “looser” than the 5200’s was.

    • Blue planet
    • April 19th, 2013

    What’s the difference between the 7500 and creation elite?

    • For all intents and purposes, the Creations Elite is essentially the same Blender as the 7500, the same way that the Creations II is essentially the 5200, and the Creations faceplate was actually the faceplate my blender had when I purchased a refurbished 5200 way back in 2011.

      Vitamix’s “Certified Reconditioned Next Generation” webpage clearly states: “Certified Reconditioned Next Generation blenders may reflect one of the following labels: 7500, Professional Series 300, or Creations Elite.” I think that’s a good sign that they are essentially the same blender base.

      As I owned both a 7500 and a Professional 300, and wrote about their similarities/differences. I can vouch that they are functionally identical, although the cookbooks are quite different, the face plate is different and a few other accessories may have been slightly different. I would expect the same similarities/differences with the Creations Elite.

      Hope that helps!

    • andrea
    • October 4th, 2013


    Love your blog!

    Was just wondering why you liked the 7500 better then the 5200.


    • Lisa Jennings
    • October 9th, 2013

    Thank you for the tips! I just called Brenda directly and she was so nice. Hooked me up and I got the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation which will be either the 7500, Pro 300 or Creations Elite. They are all the exact same model but go by a different name depending on where sold. For example, Williams Sonoma sells it as Pro 300 and Vitamix sells it as 7500. So excited!!

  1. Hi, since all three the same is the warranty the same? I just reciently saw the 7500 for $498.00 on Huffington I cant remember if it was’ll have to check…Thanks for you honest information.I still have to save though…It was 3hp..

    • Penny, I’m sorry, somehow this got caught in my spam filter, so I imagine my reply is too late to be helpful for you, but hopefully it’s helpful for other people.

      The 7500 has a 5 year warranty reconditioned and a 7 year warranty if bought new, regardless of where you get it from. Vitamix does give you an option to add an additional three years to that when you purchase directly from Vitamix.

      And don’t worry about the horsepower or any of those other “tech specs”. I’ve got a Blendtec and have owned three Vitamixes and broken many cheaper blenders, and the 7500 is the best blender I’ve ever owned or used!

    • Takennya
    • July 22nd, 2017

    Are you selling your 7500?

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