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Hot Chocolate Dos and Don’ts

It’s winter, and after playing outside with the kids in upstate New York, hot cocoa seems like an ideal drink when we come in from the cold.  I tried googling my own blog for hot cocoa, and was getting the Homemade Frozen Mocha Frappuccino page instead, because I didn’t call it hot cocoa when I first posted the recipe.

Here are some things I learned the hardway in experimenting with the hot cocoa recipe:

  • Don’t use stevia as a substitute for part of the sugar
  • Don’t throw a Hershey’s Kiss in thinking it will improve the taste of the cocoa
  • Don’t add too much vanilla (granted, that was on accident.)

The other thing I’ve learned is that rather than heat it in the blender, mixing it thoroughly, then heating it in a sauce pan, taking care to not boil it, seems to be the best way to make this.

Nothing too ground breaking, but just some things that I now know not to do when making hot cocoa.