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Applesauce (★★★★☆)

This is the first recipe my mom made with the Vitamix 5200 I gave her that was so good that she felt she needed to call me and tell me about it.  Even though I mentioned it briefly back in 2011, I figure Mom’s stamp of approval means it’s good enough that the recipe deserves it’s own post:

Applesauce (★★★★☆)
Easy to make, and lets you keep the skin, which assures you’re getting as much of the nutrients as possible.

4 apples (medium size, cored and quartered)
2 tablespoons of lemon juice

Blend on high for 30 seconds.  Chill, then serve.

You can blend on a lower speed if you’re prefer chunkier applesauce, but especially with the skin included, I prefer it well blended.  I made this during lunch, put it in the fridge and had it with dinner today, and it was very good.  (Actually, you can see the apples in my blender in the photo I took of my 7500 and Professional Series 300 for this post.)

What is the difference between a Vitamix 7500 and a Vitamix Professional Series 300?

I am now the owner of a new Vitamix Professional Series 300!  My company has a rewards program that allowed me to get a Vitamix Professional Series 300, and it was far more interesting to me than any of my other options.  Now, I had just recently purchased a Vitamix 7500, but I called Vitamix and confirmed that they would allow me to return my Vitamix 7500, which means I could get essentially the same blender I bought in October, without spending money on it!

Vitamix 7500 (left) and Professional Series 300 (right)

My Vitamix 7500 (on the left) and Professional Series 300 (on the right)

Now, before talk about the similarities of the 7500 and Professional Series 300 in any detail, I want to say again how impressed with Vitamix I am.  They have seriously impressed me in the past, and returning my Vitamix 7500 was another example of service where I could not have been more impressed.

In addition to allowing me to keep the cutting boards and spatula they sent as gifts with the Vitamix 7500, they even sent me a return label, which means I paid nothing, not even shipping when buying or returning the 7500.  (I used coupon code 06-006651 when I bought the blender, which gave me free shipping.)  And my return experience is not nearly as impressive as my earlier experience that I linked to above, but it’s yet another case where I could not have asked for better service at any point in dealing with Vitamix.  (More specifically, it was Brenda Kilbane at Vitamix who made buying this and returning this a breeze.  Here’s her information, if anyone is interested in speaking to her:  1-800-848-2649, extension 2305, and use the 06-006651 coupon code for free shipping.)

Now, on to talking about the similarities of the Vitamix 7500 and the Professional Series 300. They are, for all practical purposes, the same blender base, container, tamper and lid.  The faceplate itself comes in different colors, and the name written on the faceplate is different, but that really is it as far as I can tell.

The only meaningful differences between the two are what you get with the blender, and even that’s very similar:

The cookbook, getting started guide and owner's manual for the Professional Series 300 and Vitamix 7500

The cookbook, getting started guide and owner’s manual for the Professional Series 300 (left) and Vitamix 7500 (right).

Honestly, I never opened the cookbook for the 7500 because I already had the 5200’s excellent Whole Food Recipes cookbook, and I didn’t want to open the shrink wrap once I knew I was returning it.  That said, a simple visual comparison shows that the Professional Series is a larger book:

The cookbooks you get with various Vitamix blenders

The “create” book that comes with the Professional Series 300 book on the left, the “simply fresh” book that comes with the Vitamix 7500 on the right, with the Whole Food Recipes book the Vitamix 5200 comes with behind them.

Yes, the Professional Series 300’s cookbook is larger (354 pages), and it is a nice hardcover book, complete with both a jacket, and nice silver embossed text under the hardcover jacket, but I don’t know that I would recommend spending the extra money on the 300 unless someone really wanted the nicer cookbook.*

As for the existence of two extremely similar blenders sets under two different names?  That doesn’t seem to be anything new for Vitamix.  The precursor to the Professional Series 300 was a Professional Series 200, which looks identical to the Vitamix 5200, and when I first bought my first Vitamix blender (which I later gave to my parents), it was then sold as a reconditioned 5200, but was actually had the “Creations II” name on the blender body faceplate.  (Today that reconditioned option is still available, but it’s now called the Certified Reconditioned , and I still think it’s the best bang for your buck if you’re looking at getting a Vitamix blender, especially if you’re only looking at the 5200 anyway.)

I hope that’s helpful for anyone who, like me, was wondering what the differences were. My 7500 is in a UPS truck on it’s way back to Vitamix, and aside from the difference in faceplate color, I don’t anticipate noticing any differences with my new Vitamix Professional Series 300.

*The price difference is based on the difference in price at, with the assumption that you’d be ordering from directly. is the most affordable way to order a new 7500 that I’ve found, and includes free shipping.

Update (3/23/2013): In addition to the refurbished 5200 I mentioned, there is now a refurbished 7500/Pro 300/Creations Elite available. I wrote a post about it, and I think it’s a fantastic option to consider for anyone thinking about picking up a Vitamix.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt (★★★★☆)

This one seemed like it might be a good idea, and the results exceeded my expectations.

A Menche’s frozen yogurt opened near us, and during one of the grand opening events, I got a large plain yogurt covered with a lot of fruit.  It was very good, but the yogurt reminded me of the plain frozen yogurt I had at the Red Mango in Boston.  Then thought, “If this is really just yogurt that’s been frozen, can’t I freeze and blend yogurt in my Vitamix?”

Yes.  Yes I can.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt (★★★★☆)
Freeze small portion of either plain or vanilla yogurt in freezer safe bowls beforehand.

Frozen yogurt
Fresh fruit

Blend frozen yogurt to desired consistency.  Add fresh fruits as topping.  Enjoy.

That’s it.  It’s ridiculously simple, and works.  Even my two and four-year-old ate a lot of the store brand vanilla yogurt with blackberries on top.

Answers to common search queries in 2012

Wow!  Thank you, everyone, for all the views in 2012!  This blog was started in 2011 to try to squeeze as much fun and enjoyment as possible out of a very expensive blender I’d just bought, and I didn’t honestly think I’d still be blogging in 2013.  Amazingly, views increased every month from February to December, and more people visited the site in December than I’d had total page views in any two months prior to November!

Looking at the site stats, I thought it’d be fun to look at what some of the common 2012 search queries were and provide answers or links to answers for people, so that hopefully they can find the answers they’re looking for in 2013.  With that said, here are real search queries that lead people to this blog in 2012:

vitamix bed bath and beyond coupon / bed bath and beyond vitamiz / beth baht beyond vita mix
There were a lot of funny ways the above question was phrased, but a lot of searches were basically asking the same question:  “Can I use the 20% Off BB&B coupon on a Vitamix?”

Officially?  No.  In your store?  Maybe.  In this post I talk about the above question in detail.

vitamix 5200 vs 7500 / vitamix 7500 vs 5200
I wrote a post about the differences and answering whether or not I think the 7500 is worth the extra money.  I’ve also made some videos that include both blenders.

vitamix 7500 recipes
I’m not as good at tagging as I should be, but here are all my recipes tagged with five stars.  In my experience, everything I can make with the 5200, I can make the same way with the 7500.

pina colada vitamix
Ridiculously Good Pina Coladas (The most searched of any of the recipes I’ve posted)

best place to buy vitamix 5200  That’s where I bought my refurbished 5200, that’s a great price, and you can read here about Vitamix’s amazing service and support!

me and my blender
That’s this blog!

vitamix 7500 black friday 2012
There was no Black Friday special on the 7500.  In 2012 (see the update at the bottom) and years past, Vitamix has put containers or bundles on sale for Black Friday, but if you’re looking for a blender and not a multiple container bundle, there’s no reason to expect a blender special on or around Black Friday in 2013 based on years past.

will tall vitamix containers work with the 7500 model
Yes.  There were a few variants of this, but the basic question is asking whether or not 520o containers work on 7500 containers and vice versa.  They do use the same base connector.  I don’t think I would recommend using the larger 7500 container with the 5200, which was designed for the smaller blade assembly, but they will fit and they will work.  (Whether you should use a specific container with a specific blender is not something I can answer.)

vitamix japan

I was pleasantly surprised to find the above link on Vitamix‘s Vitamix International page.  I’ve spent 10 of the last 16 years living in Japan, and didn’t realize Vitamix was available there!

vitamix mochi recipe / make mochi vitamix / make mochi in the blender
Kind of.  You can put hot, steamed mochi rice (もち米) in a Vitamix and turn it into mochi, but I don’t recommend it.  Clean up is a nightmare, and it’s obviously more stress on the blender than anything else I’ve tried to make.  My wife and I make mochi and mame-mochi (餅と豆餅) using an inexpensive Japanese breadmaker that makes amazing mame-mochi, something no blender can do, and I think trying to make mochi from mochi rice in a Vitamix is using the wrong tool for the job.

would vitamix let me trade in my vitamix 5200 for the new 7500
When I spoke with Vitamix by phone, they were offering a $100 trade-in for people who had a 5200 and purchased a 7500.  I believe they’re still offering this for 5200 owners.  You do have to send your 5200 to them.  I chose to give my 5200 to my parents for Christmas instead.

vitamix 7500 best price
As with my refurbished 5200, I bought my new Vitamix 7500 directly from Vitamix.  It was the best price I could find, and their service is as amazing as their product!

vitamix free shipping coupons
06-006651  Both the refurbished 5200 and the refurbished 7500 that I bought, as well as Vitamix’s other blenders, are available with either free shipping at

Those were the common questions in 2012.  A lot of specific recipes on the site came up as well, but hopefully those people were finding the correct pages already.  Were there any questions I didn’t answer that you’d like to ask?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks again for reading, and I hope 2013 is an even better year!