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Bachelor Man Green Smoothies (★★★★☆) and I ordered a Vitamix 7500!

My family is finally back home after spending five weeks in Japan without me.  (I will be able to get time off work to accompany them year, but work kept me from being able to go this year.)

While they were gone, I used my blender a lot, as my cooking skills are limited when it comes to recipes that don’t involve a blender.  I made a frozen mocha drinks, peanut butter, banana milk and the like, but what I made almost every single day was a particular combination of vegetables that I figured I’d share the recipe, as I’m pretty fond of it.

Bachelor Man Green Smoothies (★★★★☆)
2-3 cups of spinach
half a green bell pepper
half a large cucumber
3-4 stalks of celery
cilantro to taste (I was using a lot)
small slice of fresh ginger
1 apple (I wasn’t very particular on what kind, but not huge)

I’d blend all that up, and by the end of the five weeks I found myself adding water to start because it made the blending easier, but early on, I’d try to blend it with as little water as possible, bike in to work with a biking water bottle filled with the dense mix and mix it about 1:1 with cold water from the water cooler at work to enjoy throughout the day.

I am sure that that mix does not sound attractive to people who haven’t had green smoothies, but as a fan of ginger, cilantro and spinach, the above mix seems to be the ingredients that consistently hit the spot.  The four star rating is basically only because I recognize that other people won’t be nearly the fan of this that I am, but it is my favorite green smoothie.  (For whatever reason, apples seem to work better than everything else as a light sweetener.)

Now, the other news is that I actually did go ahead and order a Vitamix 7500.  On a lark, I called up the person at Vitamix that I bought my blender from, and was asking about the 7500. Turns out that she’s actually had a few people mention that they called her because of the post I made in 2011, and she said she’d love for me to share her details again:  Brenda Kilbane at Vitamix, 1-800-848-2649, extension 2305, and free shipping code 06-006651.

Turns out that if you’re an existing Vitamix 5200 owner, you can trade in your 5200 for $100 off.  Now, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do that, but it’s cool that there is a trade-in option. Another available option was that I can try the 7500 for 30 days and return it without paying anything, which makes trying out the 7500 risk free.  Since that’s the case, I decided I’d like to try the Vitamix 7500 and 5200 side-by-side and see how they both perform in different mixes.  One of the main things that prompted this is the amount of using the tamper and/or adding water that I was using for the Bachelor Man Green Smoothies above, and I did decide I want to try the 7500 out for myself and see how it might perform.

If the 7500 is a better blender, I’ll likely keep the 7500 and give my 5200 to my folks for Christmas.  They were crazy about my blender the last time they visited, so I know they’d like it and get a lot of use out of it, and I’d be happy to keep the blender I’m most comfortable with.  If the 7500 doesn’t seem like an improvement to me, I’ll probably return the 7500 and keep the 5200.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get my parents a refurbished Vitamix 5200, since it’s substantially cheaper than the 7500.

Expect to see some updates in the near future on how the 5200 and the 7500 stack up side by side.  If anyone has any specific questions about the 7500, just let me know!