Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

My wife and kids are away for a few weeks visiting her parents, and I stumbled upon the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” the day before I took them to the airport.  I didn’t actually watch the movie that day because I wanted to spend time with them, but the next day, I came home from work, made a green smoothie and sat down and watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”.

I thought it was pretty good.  Definitely worth a watch, especially if you live in the US, where you can watch it for free.

With my wife and kids gone, I’m fending for myself in the kitchen, which means a lot of green smoothies.  I don’t bother posting those recipes any more because I find the most entertaining smoothies to be those that I throw together off the cuff, but I definitely know that the following things work really well in my green smoothies:  Spinach, celery, tomatoes and cilantro.  Grapes, cucumbers, zucchini, onion, strawberries, mangoes and pineapple have all made their way into recent smoothies, but those first four are the staples I tend to go back to for healthy but delicious green smoothies.

Anyway, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is entertaining, and if you’re remotely interested in drinking green smoothies or vegetable juice, you’ll definitely want to after watching this film.

  1. Peter, Followed your directions to get a Vitamix 6500 for $329. plus free shipping. Brenda says her phone is ringing off the hook. She wants to know who you are so give her a call. She wants to thank you for all the business she is getting.
    Blending in Seattle

    • Thank you very much for the message, Elizabeth. 🙂 That’s a great deal, and I hope that you enjoy your new blender as much as I do!

    • Jess
    • November 24th, 2012


    Where did you find that great price on the 6500? The best I’ve seen is $499. I’ve been wanting to purchase one, but I’d love the best deal I can get.

    • Jess,

      Based on the fact that Elizabeth’s comment was about the blender I mentioned and the $329 price, I was pretty sure she was talking about the Vitamix 5200. The refurbished 5200 is currently available for $329 with free shipping using the coupon code 06-006651.

      I don’t think there is a Vitamix 6500, and I certainly haven’t seen a Vitamix 7500 for anywhere near that price, I haven’t even seen it for $499!

    • follow Peter’s directions. So easy! It was the 5200 refurbished. Been using it for 6 weeks. Great blender.

      • Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I remember being so concerned about my initial purchase, and now it’s become the most used (by me) appliance in my house. 🙂 Thanks for replying to Jess’ question!

    • Kat
    • March 23rd, 2013

    There is a 6500 with three automatic times and manual. It’s $499 at costco when they do a vitamix show/demonstration. So far I haven’t searched on the internet to find it cheaper. If anyone knows where to get it at a lower price let me know.

    • Are you talking about the Costco Vitamix 5200 Super Package? That’s not a bad deal for $499 if you know you want the second container and you know you want new instead of refurbished.

      If you’re talking about the 6300, if Costco has that for $499, that’s a fantastic price, and I’d recommend it if you’re interested. That said, I personally don’t think the presets are necessary at all. I think they help sell blenders, but I don’t think they actually help most people get more out of their blenders. (That’s my opinion.)

      Rumor has it (Read: “What I’ve read on the Internet…”) that the 6300 does not have the new motor the the 7500 does. It has the classic motor, plus three presets (same as the Professional 500). Someone else posted, “Some of the salespeople at Costco selling the 6300 say that it has a better motor than the classic Vitamixes (5200 etc.), but I spoke with a Vitamix employee who said that there is no difference and that the salespeople at Costco are mistaken.”

      Not sure if that helps at all. Honestly, if you’re interested in the 6300 or a Vitamix blender, I’d call up Vitamix directly and ask about the differences. Brenda Kilbane is the person I’ve bought both my Vitamixes from, and you can reach her at 1-800-848-2649, extension 2305, and I’m sure she’ll give you whatever info you’re looking for. You can also get free shipping from her with the coupon code 06-006651.

      For as much as a Vitamix costs, I’d speak with someone at the company about the 6300 if I was in the market and considering a 6300. If the is the older model, I’d personally go with the 7500 instead.

    • UPDATE: I now see you can get the refurbished 7500/Pro 300 for $399. That’s exactly what I’d recommend to anyone looking for the best deal good deal on a Vitamix. I wrote a post on it I’ve linked below:


    • Jeani
    • July 10th, 2015

    Just bought the vitamix 6500 at our newly opened Costco! Merry Christmas in July to me! Can’t wait to start using it!

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