Vitamix 7500, coming soon to a kitchen near you

Update: I did buy a Vitamix 7500, see my unboxing and a side-by-side comparison

Update 2: I comment on the new 7500 features in this post.

So, I just checked my mail today, and I had a large envelope from Vitamix.  They were writing to let me know that the Vitamix 7500 is coming.  Apparently the Vitamix 7500 will be available from September 17th.

Now, I usually tend to get excited about buying new tech toys, and sometimes get a little bummed when my toy is no longer the newest, fastest thing on the block…and while the 7500 looks cool, I actually don’t really see anything that makes me care that I have the “old” 5200.

The letter I got does mention some of it’s new features:

  • Greater than 2 horsepower motor to process dense ingredients with ease
  • Vibration dampening technology for noticeably quieter performance
  • Ultra-responsive Variable Speed Dial and pulse feature for precise recipe creation
  • 64-ounce container designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets.

Now, considering that I didn’t buy my blender, let alone my car, on a published horsepower figure, I’m not sure how that compares to the 5200, although I don’t have a problem “processing dense ingredients”.

The quieter performance will probably matter more to other people, but to be honest, a quieter blender than the 5200 could, and likely will, still be significantly loud. You don’t buy a blender this nice, and this powerful, without simply accepting that noise will be a byproduct of it’s usage.

The speed dial seems unchanged, but rather than a “variable/high” switch, they’re going with a pulse feature.  I don’t know if that means that “high” will now be 10 on the speed dial and pulse will be something you have to hold down, or how that will work.  Since all my recipes and experience with my blender are based on the “variable/high” switch, I’m actually wary of change in this area, as I’m not sure if this new feature would actually be an improvement based on how I’ve learned to use my blender.

As for the 64-ounce container being designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets, this is something I definitely see being helpful for other people, but my blender base and blender container are both prominently on my cabinet counter top at all times, so, again, not a benefit for me.  I do like to make smaller recipes if I’m just making a drink for myself, so the skinner, taller container seems like something I might prefer, but I can absolutely see the shorter, fatter container being a selling point for people who don’t want a blender on their counter at all times. 🙂

Looking at the New at Vitamix part of the Vitamix website, there’s not yet any mention of the Vitamix 7500, but it looks very similar to the Professional Series 750 blender that is available on that page for $689.00.  (The two main difference I would expect to see are that the 750 on that page includes some icons in addition to a speed dial that goes from 1-10, and I expect the 750 costs more than the 7500 will.)

Either way, I don’t think the new blender is likely to disappoint people, but I’m definitely very happy to continue rocking my 5200 for the next however many years I have until my warranty expires, and even then, I’ll probably just use my 5200 until it just doesn’t go any more. 😉

My guess is that the 7500’s pending release is why the Reconditioned Blender with 64 oz. Container is in stock in black, red or white for only $329, and despite my tendency to like shiny, new toys, that’s probably the route I’d take if I were in the market for a blender today.

Update (3/23/2013):  In addition to the refurbished
Vitamix 5200 I mentioned, there is now a refurbished 7500/Pro 300/Creations Elite available.  I wrote a post about it, and I think it’s a fantastic option to consider for anyone thinking about picking up a Vitamix.

    • November 18th, 2014

    why don’t you want to use the blade regularly and is the 750 more powerful more simple to use and how much more does it cost does it come in dark green and does HSN HAVE IT

      • November 18th, 2014

      is 750 more powerful how much more does it cost to 5200

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