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Have I been using my blender? Yes, every day.

So, sad-but-true, that Healthy Rewards thing my health insurance offers took me away from posting here.  The good news is that I’ve finished my six weeks of entries there, and I’d rather post here, so I’m back.


Since being away, I made peanut butter (which is awesome, but definitely required a pinch of salt and some maple syrup), which opened my eyes to just how much sugar is in store bought peanut butter.  My son really likes the homemade version, which is also way healthier, so I’m pleased about that.


I’ve also made multiple batches of hummus, including black bean hummus, which was delicious.  (The chick pea version, if you’re only making one version, is the one to start with.)  Apple pancake batter, juices, smoothies, acorn squash soup, hot chocolate, frothy hot milk for coffee, pina coladas and turning soy beans into kinako powder are all recent uses the blender has seen since I went on a bit of a hiatus, but I don’t feel confident enough to write up reviews or recipes for any of those specific uses.


That said, I’m going to finish sipping my spinach, banana and strawberry green smoothie that I’ve made and then hopefully, when I make something new and noteworthy or tweak something old for the better, I hope to post here with more consistency.  I guess what I can say is that at least I’m using the blender regularly, and I’m still very glad I bought my Vitamix. 🙂