It’s all about the ingredients! (Acorn Squash Soup and Apple Pancakes, both ★★★★★!!)

Still using my blender a lot.  It’s easier to find time for the blender than for posting here these days, but I am definitely trying new things, and will post some of the better ones when I get a chance.

First off, we visited an apple orchard this weekend, where we got some acorn squash and fresh apples.  The apples we picked ourselves off the trees, but the acorn squash was something the owner has picked that morning.  We used the blender to make Acorn Squash Soup again, and it was unbelievably good.  The only change was the acorn squash, but it was an important one, and we devoured a whole squash worth of soup.

On the way home from the orchard, we also visited a local farm that sold, among other things, fresh eggs.  We used the blender to blend flour, eggs and milk into batter for apple pancakes, and making the pancakes with cinnamon powdered apple slices from the orchard apples to make what might have been the most amazing pancakes I’ve had in my entire life.

I’ll post more later, but for now, the weekend is over, and I need to brush my teeth and get some sleep for Monday.

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