World’s Best Hot Chocolate (★★★★★), Jalapeno V6 (★★★☆☆)

Didn’t post yesterday, but definitely used the blender for a few different things today and yesterday, so I’ll just post the first half of the recipes here:

World’s Best Hot Chocolate (★★★★★)
This is unbelievably good and highly recommended

2 cups of whole milk
6 tablespoons of cocoa powder
3 tablespoons of sugar
a small splash of vanilla extra
salt (just the tiniest amount)

Blend everything on high until the Vitamix 5200 heats the milk enough to turn it into hot cocoa.  Steam will rise from the top.  Drink immediately.  You can tweak the cocoa and sugar, but this is the mix I like, and it’s easier to make with larger portions, harder with smaller portions.

(Feb 2013 EditHere are some things I learned the hardway in experimenting with the above recipe:

  • Don’t use stevia as a substitute for part of the sugar
  • Don’t throw a Hershey’s Kiss in thinking it will improve the taste of the cocoa
  • Don’t add too much vanilla (granted, that was on accident.)

The other thing I’ve learned is that rather than heat it in the blender, mixing it thoroughly, then heating it in a sauce pan, taking care to not boil it, seems to be the best way to make this.)

Jalapeno V6(★★★☆☆)
This is better than I expected, but probably not for most people.

¾ cup of tomato puree
¼ celery stalk
1 romaine lettuce heart
several sprigs of cilantro
½ green pepper, with seeds and white insides spooned out
1 jalapeño pepper, halved length-wise, with seeds and white insides spooned out
1 fresh Ginger Gold apple, quartered with seeds and stem removed
salt (to taste)
2 dozen ice cubes

Blend everything but the ice cubes, then add ice cubes through the top of the lid while the blender is on high.

Hopefully I can post about the Banana Milk variant and other green smoothie later today.

    • Karen
    • October 1st, 2011

    I found your blog doing blender review research. When deciding what blender to buy – did you consider the Montel Healthmaster? I saw an informercial today that has sparked an interest in making fruit and veggie drinks. The ability to make hummus is a nice bonus. I am not sure I want to make hot drinks or soups in my blender.

    • The Montel Healthmaster is a less powerful blender (looking at watts a one measurement, you get 1100 compared to the 1380 of the Vitamix 5200). Even if you don’t want to make hot drinks, soups, peanut/almond butters, you’re still going to benefit from having a blender powerful enough to do those things when you’re making fruit and veggie drinks. The ability to quickly turn greens into a drinkable concoction with some fruit and the ability to clean your blender with a few drops of soap and some water are all benefits of having that same power used for some of the uses you don’t think you’ll need.

      From what I’m seeing, the 1100 watt Montel Healthmaster would cost me $246.05, with the 1200 watt costing $288.80, and a “lifetime warranty” that only applies to the motor, with woefully little information about the warranty on their website. Now, if I knew this thing was going to be the next George Foreman machine and that the company was going to be around for as long as I was using the blender, that might be attractive. But I’d definitely want to know that my blender was going to be covered for years to come.

      I wrote a post about it here, but basically, the customer service experience I had with Vitamix and the warranty covering me into 2017 were two major factors in making me comfortable enough to spend hundreds on a blender. The normal 64 oz. jar I received with my refurbished Blendtec is no longer on their site, but they do have the 48oz and Soft Grip 64 oz. Container still available as refurbished models, and you can get free shipping with the code: 06-006651

      Before you buy a Healthmaster or similar high powered blender, I’d highly recommend looking into, and seriously considering the Vitamix and Blendtec models. Both Vitamix and Blendtec have built themselves on providing extremely high quality blenders over decades of being focused on making the best high-powered blender possible, and there’s a reason they are as famous in the blender world as they are. 🙂

    • Ariana
    • October 20th, 2011

    Hello I’m looking to buy a blender and really like your detail information on Vitamix blenders specially the 7 Year warranty when you spending a good amount of $$$$ in a blender. Now my first choice is VITAMIX however I’m undecided on model 5200 or profesional 500 with the presseting do you have any info on that? Thanks in advance for your help

    • @Ariana, my impression of the various Vitamix brands for consumer blenders is that they are more rebrandings of the same base product as opposed to radically different offerings. If you’re buying a Vitamix for home use, you can’t go wrong with buying directly from Vitamix with their 7 year warranty. I don’t work for them, so obviously I don’t know for sure that there aren’t some differences between the CIA professional, Creations and 5200 lines, but they really do all seem to be the same blender, so I’d go direct to the source (buy the 5200 from Vitamix direct) unless you’re either using it for commercial purposes (I don’t think the warranty is valid on the 5200 in that case) or find a noticeably better price elsewhere.

      For what it’s worth, the Reconditioned Blender with 64 oz. Container is back in stock at Vitamix with a 5-year warranty, and for $329 (Only still available in White at the moment) that’s probably the single best deal you’ll find on a high end blender with a 5 (or more) year warranty. Coupon code 06-006651 does get you free shipping too.

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