Sweet and Fruity Green Smoothie(★★★★☆)

I made two green smoothies in the last 24 hours.  Let me tell you about the better of the two.

Sweet and Fruity Green Smoothie(★★★★☆)
Very easy to enjoy

1 frozen banana
1 fresh Jonamac apple, quartered with seeds and stem removed
a handful of cilantro
a big handful of spinach leaves
a dozen ice cubes

Throw everything but the ice cubes in.  Blend everything, add six ice cubes, blend until smooth and watery, add another six ice cubes and blend for frozen drink consistency.

Pretty good.  VERY green, and you can have a lot of spinach and cilantro (if you like cilantro as much as I do) and the banana and apple provide a nice, lightly sweet base flavor that goes well with them.

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