Minty Green Smoothie

Another morning, another Banana Milk. 🙂

This afternoon for lunch, however, I tried making something different.  After finishing the オムライス that my wife cooked, I was still hungry, so I made a green smoothie to bring back to the office with me:

Easy Drinking Minty Green Smoothie (★★★☆☆)
Not sure what else to call it, but the name does a good job of describing it

1 romaine lettuce heart
a few dozen mint leaves
1 banana
1 fresh Jonamac apple, quartered with seeds and stem removed
ice cubes

Blend the fruit and greens until their liquified, then add ice to to create the desired level of frozen smoothie consistency.

I think I only added six ice cubes, as I just wanted it cold not frozen.  The drink was remarkably easy to drink, but anyone who’s been reading the last few days is seeing a strong pattern of a banana and Jonamac apple going into everything.

I wanted to give this four stars, but I want to avoid inflating scores, and feel like I should experiment with this combination more, and maybe find a fruit combination that better complements the tasty mint and easy drinking romaine.  The Green Smoothie Revolution book I got with my Vitamix seems to mention both mango and peach in a few different recipes with mint, so maybe I’ll have to try to peach.  Any other suggestions?

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