Tasty Tuesday blended smoothies

When I woke up this morning, I wanted something simple, so I ate puffed wheat cereal and made a Banana Milk.  Nothing fancy, but it was a good breakfast.  And I got the hang of making a non-lumpy Banana Milk.  It helps to keep the tamper in when blending, as it keeps the liquid from bouncing out of control, and it also helps to slowly dial up to whatever speed the banana stays under control at, gradually increasing power until the banana has been blended in, then cranking it up to high for a few seconds to really whip the drink up and ensure the banana is thoroughly blended.

For lunch, I was pretty hungry by the time I came home, so I whipped up another Banana Milk to drink while I made a sandwich.  The Banana Milks are so quick to make, easy to clean up and tasty that despite having already had one that morning, I wanted another one.

After throwing together a quick sandwich, I knew I needed to be back at the office quicker than usual due to a business trip that afternoon, so I threw together a V7:

V7 Vegetable Drink (★★★☆☆)
Basically, it was whatever seven partially eaten vegetables I had lying around

½ cup of tomato puree
½ yellow bell pepper
¼ eggplant
¼ onion
6 sticks of baby asparagus from the refrigerator, steamed the night before
¼ celery stalk (the remaining quarter still in the fridge)
1 cabbage leaf (this was just for variety)
several sprigs of cilantro
water (for desired thickness)
salt (to taste)

Blend everything but the salt and water, taste, add salt and water for desired flavor and thickness

This was pretty good.  I don’t want to oversell it, so I only gave it three stars, but when this is what you get from the random leftover vegetables in your fridge, it’s a pleasant surprise.  As far as “stuff I accidentally made from leftovers” go, it’s well above average.  Of course, the secret ingredient is salt, as anyone who’s tried both V8 and low sodium V8 can attest to.  I didn’t go crazy with the salt, but it certainly helped.

Later today, after finishing dinner, I was still pretty hungry and wanted something sweet, so I decided to try adding some cocoa powder to a banana milk for something cold, sweet and chocolatey:

Bitter Chocolate Banana Milk (★★★★☆)
Basically a banana milk with some cocoa powder added

1 frozen banana
cocoa powder

Adjust the amount of milk for the right consistency, and add the desired amount of cocoa powder.  Slowly increase the speed until the banana is properly blended in with the milk, then mix on high for 15 seconds.

That turned out pretty good, but not amazing.  There’s something really, really good about just a plain Banana Milk, and the addition of cocoa powder didn’t really help things.  Or, it was just that it was my third Banana Milk of the day, and my body was trying to stop me from making this a regular part of every meal.

After the third Banana Milk, I was still thirsty, or just craving something, so I decided to make another vegetable smoothie to sate me, this time using the remaining carrot and onion from my wife’s cooking:

V6 Vegetable Drink (★★☆☆☆)

½ cup of tomato puree
½ peeled carrot
¼ onion
1 cabbage leaf
a handful of mustard greens
several sprigs of cilantro
12 ice cubes(for a frozen smoothie consistency)
salt (to taste)

Blend everything but the ice cubes, then add ice cubes through the top of the lid while the blender is on high.

I know, I know…I counted the cilantro as a vegetable when it got me to V6, but not when it would have gotten me to V8…  V8’s been taken already, and V6 sounds better than V5, so I’m using artistic license to dub them V6 and V7 respectively.  Totally drinkable, but not as good as what I made this afternoon.

Another post I made today that I don’t want to see go unread as a result of posting this one right after it is the how and why I got my Vita-Mix 5200.  I think it’ll be especially useful and interesting for anyone who’s considering getting their own.

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