The first two days with my new blender

Two days ago I got my Vitamix 5200 blender.  It’s a refurbished Vita-Mix 5200 blender, so the front actually reads “Creations”, but the front could just as well read, “I saved a good chunk of change by getting this refurbished”.  I was assured on the phone that it would be a 5200, regardless of what it was labeled as, and it seems to perform as a 5200 hundred should.

The first day I got this blender, I had to break out the most common use for my blender in Japan:  Banana Milk.

The recipe is simple, you freeze a banana in the freezer, and then blend your frozen banana with milk in a blender for an amazingly good drink.  (It’s basically a decadent banana flavored milkshake.)  The Vitamix passed this test with flying colors.  While there was no magically huge change in texture, it definitely blended this up quicker and easier than any blender I’d owned in the past, and still tasted delicious.

I also experimented with making green smoothies, which is basically any smoothy in which you’re blending up green leaves to make them easier to eat (hidden in the smoothy) and easier to digest.  I blended up some celery with frozen strawberries a banana and a bit of milk.


Yesterday I went shopping on the way home from work and picked up some fresh kale, mint, cilantro and spinach, as well as a tote bag of apples and some canned vegetables.  That gave me many of the ingredients that I needed for my experimenting today, but as far as yesterday’s blends went, used the rest of the large celery stalk on a similar green smoothy during lunch and in the evening I tried mixing the kale with an apple, frozen raspberries and lemon juice.  Again, they were both drinkable, but not great.  Then again, they weren’t a reason I bought the blender.

As for today, I’ve already done some really cool things with the blender that I’ll detail later today, but for now, I need to get in the shower and then out the door, as we’ve got things we need to do today.

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