My first Saturday with the blender (Part 3 – Mochi Rice and Green Smoothies)

Today, after we finished lunch, we went to the Asian supermarket where I picked up a number of things I thought would be fun to put in the blender, including もち米 (mochi rice).  The thought process was that if the blender can make peanut butter, it can make mochi…and it can.

I made the mochi basically the same way as I’d make white rice, using our Zojirushi IH rice cooker.  That said, it seems that you’re supposed to use slightly less water when making mochi rice.  I didn’t know how much slightly less would be, so I just used the same measurements.

When the rice was done, I scooped it into the blender and ran it on Variable around speed 5 or 6.  That didn’t seem to be the most efficient method, so I checked out the peanut butter recipe, which called for running it on High.  I tried that, and using the tamper, had a lot of luck turning to rice into mochi, albeit with a bit more water than it normally has.

Now, if the scrambled egg clean up was a small amount of work, this was a large amount of work.  But since I’m not getting fresh mochi anywhere else while we live in America, it was totally worth it.  I put some あずき (red bean) on top of the mochi and ate it with a spoon and a smile.

I also continued to experiment with green smoothies, putting the rest of the kale, the rest of the tomato puree and a frozen banana and some water together in a blender.  As with the other green smoothies I’ve tried, it’s drinkable, but it’s still not something I’m about to get excited about drinking.  That said, between the green smoothie, apple sauce, soup, mochi and eggs, I’ve eaten a huge amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, greens and grains today, and my Vitamix blender has impressed me with it’s blending abilities.

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